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About Me person

I am from Hong Kong and am currently studying Computer Science in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

Recently, I've been developing some Bukkit/Spigot (Minecraft) plugins.
You can check out my plugins below!

Other than that, I've also been developing side projects for fun!
You can find them on my GitHub, which is also down below!

I enjoy some arts and literature as well, even though I am not good at it.
I guess me being not good at it caused it to feel even more interesting(?

Other than those mentioned above, I also like looking at maps, borders and politics.

And obviously YouTube is my favourite place whenever I need a break.
I like channels that explores everything, such as history, politics and science.
As well as gaming videos every once a while, of course.

Treasures every single person I'm lucky enough to cross paths with.

My Past & Ongoing Projects computer

InteractiveChat Icon

Interactive​Chat & Addon

SpigotMC (Minecraft) Server Plugin

InteractiveChat is a Minecraft plugin that adds the ability to shows your Minecraft game items in hand, inventory content and ender chest content with your friends!

With it's DiscordSRV Addon, this functionality even extend to your Discord channels!

InteractionVisualizer Icon


SpigotMC (Minecraft) Server Plugin

InteractionVisualizer is a Minecraft plugin that visualize Function Blocks like Crafting Tables with Animations! Elevating the Minecraft experience!

LotterySix Icon


SpigotMC (Minecraft) Server Plugin

LotterySix brings MarkSix (六合彩), the lottery game of Hong Kong since 1975, into Minecraft. Sharing the Hong Kong lottery experience with the world!

It also comes with a LotterySix-Calculator web app, helping server admins set up the plugin, as well as players viewing their odds and prizes.

Limbo Icon


Minecraft Server Implementation

Limbo is a Minecraft server implementation! Not a usual SpigotMC (Minecraft) Plugin!

It is designed and built from scratch via adapting to the Minecraft network protocol.

It is used to serve as a strip-down, low memory and CPU usage server to accomodation players while waiting to join the actual Minecraft Server. Sort of like a waiting room.

HK KMB Bus Interchange (BBI) Fare Calculator
HK-KMB-Calculator Icon

HK KMB BBI Fare Calculator

Standalone Web App

HK KMB Bus Interchange (BBI) Fare Calculator (九巴轉乘車費計算機) is a web app built to calculate bus interchange routes and fares on Hong Kong Kowloon Motor Bus routes.

The data source automatically update routes once a day via GitHub Actions, ensuring all information is up to date!

HK Bus ETA Icon


Multiplatform App

HK Bus ETA (香港巴士到站預報) is a Multiplatform App for checking Hong Kong public transport info built using Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform. The app supports Android, iOS (& Apple Silicon Mac), with wearable smartwatch integration for WearOS and watchOS, and Web.

Users can lookup many different modes of public transport including but not limited to buses and the MTR (HK Metro).

The data source automatically update routes once a day via GitHub Actions, ensuring all information is up to date! Special credit to

View screenshots on Google Play or the App Store.

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My Home City - Hong Kong 香港 home_work

I'm pretty sure at this point, you've probably heard about the city at least once or twice.

It's a city between the east and the west. Being a British colony in the past made the city a perfect fuse of the two, where Chinese tea mixes with British milk tea and where cafes met with Yum Cha (飲茶).

However, recently the city's autonomy and democracy are being threatened from across the border. Freedom of speech and thoughts are core values we treasure and is a right to all humans born to this world.

If you are reading from a western country who's enjoying such freedoms, please hold on to it! If you are from a place who is also fighting for freedom, we are with you!

Click here for a nice playlist I found about Hong Kong!

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